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Here are some detailed infos about game systems, country-versions and what should come with the board/game...

pcps1.jpg (16245 Byte) Capcom CPS 1 System:

CPS 1 system comes with a CPS 1 motherboard and on top if it sits the gameboard. Usually (99,9%) both are sold together. Ask the seller to be sure.
Some CPS 1 games (not all) also feature a so called "Suicide Battery" u can see on the picture on the left as a tiny black circle ontop of the 3rd board. This is a nasty thing, as Capcom tried to protect their games with a battery, that is needed to play the game, against emulation/bootleg attempts. Bad side is when the battery is dead the board is also dead. Battery usually lives for about 3-5 years. Be sure to have it renewed/changed in time. I cant do it...
Capcom CPS 1.5 System:

Its basically CPS 1 hardware with the difference that it features a plastique housing and 2 batteries :( One battery can be eliminated if u know how (I dont...dont ask). Second battery needs to be changed like CPS 2. Rumors has it 2nd battery can be kicked with some adjustments also.

Housing features 3rd and 4th player pinouts. Q-Sound is featured 1st time, and can be switched to Mono Sound in Config Menu.

pcps15.jpg (28097 Byte)
pcps2.jpg (25866 Byte) Capcom CPS 2 System:

This system features a Motherboard (aka "A-Board") and a Gameboard (aka "B-Board"), both pcbs covered in solid plastique housings. A-Board features an airventilation system to prevent the game from overheating, as well as connectors for 4-6th button (Street Fighter) and/or 3rd and 4th player (Dungeons & Dragons).
Suicide Battery (Lithium) is located on the B-Board, but this time its easier to keep it alive. See TechFAQs.
IMPORTANT: A- and B-Boards come in many different country-versions: Asia (
grey), Europe/USA (blue), Japan (green), Spanish (orange) and Japanese rental (yellow). Rumour has it there are even pink CPS 2 B-Boards for Signapore and New Zealand...never seen one. Not all A-Boards are compatible with all B-Boards as shown below.īBe sure to check the country versions before buying. Also ask the seller if the price is for the complete system (A+B-Board) or the B-Board only!!!
All CPS 2 games feature Q-Sound, a special sound hardware developed by Capcom. All games may be switched to Mono sound in Config menu. Good chances of getting a B-Board alone. Same good chances to get a whole system. Boards should come with the Capcom connector for 4-6th button/3rd and 4th player.
sfy.jpg (24612 Byte) A-Board Color/Country B-Board Color/Country Compatible ddsom-000.jpg (17103 Byte)
Blue, Green Blue Yes
Blue, Green Green Yes
Yellow Blue, Green Yes
Blue, Green, Yellow Grey No
Grey, Orange Grey Yes
Grey, Orange Blue, Green No
Pink ? ? ?
Capcom CPS 3 System:

Comes with many features (printed in
light blue). 1st there is the game cartridge. A small cart sitting ontop of the motherboard. Then there are special mask-roms. Nearly every CPS 3 game uses a different composition of mask-roms  (SIM, SND, CHR). So its wise to always buy a complete system or ask the seller first. Fourth there is the CD-Drive and the CD which house all the relevant game data like music, sounds and so on. Any date will be uploaded to the mask-roms at first start, still u need to always connect the CD-drive to be able to play. And last there is the datatransmission- and powersupply-cable that connect the CD-Drive with the mainboard. Also the connector cable typical for CPS 2 and CPS 3 should be provided (used for 4-6th button...see CPS 2). Carts come in different country versions.
Not all CPS 3 games come with CD-Drive, CD and cables mentioned above. So called "
No CD" versions.  No difference, just misses the CD-drive/CD. So if u want p&p to be cheaper ask the seller... (for a pic go here)
Again CPS 3 system features a "Suicide Battery"...its located in the game cartridge and its not easy to be renewed. Be sure u find someone that can do it! (I can...see Sales) and again CPS 3 features Q-Sound...
Should 2 games use the same composition of mask-roms and u change the cart/cd, CPS 3 system reads relevant data form disc into the mask-roms when u first switch on the game. Lasts about 20+ minutes (zzzzz). Mostly a seller will give u a whole system.
pcps3.jpg (29183 Byte)
ppgm2.jpg (17936 Byte) IGS PolyGameMaster (PGM) System:

Chinese game system, featuring a mainboard and a cartridge and looks very much like the Neo Geo MVS System. As no other country versions exist there are no compatibility problems. Mainboard houses a battery for Highscores.

System should come with a connector cable (and Cable-End to Jamma adapter) for 2nd cabinet. This way u can play with 4 players on 2 machines using only one PGM System and only one cart. Without it only 2 player play is possible on one machine.

Some known games: Knights of Valour, Knights of Valour Super Heroes, Knights of Valour 2, Y2K, Oriental Legends, Martial Artist, Dragon World 2+3, Dodonpachi 2. Expensive!

Jaleco Mega System 32:

System features mainboard and a giant cartridge that sits ontop of it. As there are only asian mainboards/carts there are no country-version problems.

Battery is for highscores.

pcbgameparad.jpg (44013 Byte)

pcyvernpcb.jpg (10440 Byte) Kaneko Super Nova System:

Not much to say except system features a motherboard and a game cartridge. Good chances of getting a cart alone without far as i know no special country-versions are present. Means all carts should fit all motherboards. Let me know if im wrong.
Battery is for highscores.

Games i know on this board are: Cyvern, Sengeki Striker, Puzz Loop and Puzz Loop 2, Gals Panic S, Teris Plus, Tetris Plus 2.

Konami GV-System:

As far as I know only one game was produced with this CD-drive hardware: Hyperathlete (aka on PSX as International Track&Field). It features a solid metal housing with a CD-drive enclosed. Very resistant!
Also features connectors for 3rd and 4th player.

hypath-01.jpg (42542 Byte)
pcbfantjourney.jpg (65325 Byte) Konami GX-System:

As far as I know there are at least 2 different GX-boards out there (eg Fantastic Journey features a different looking GX mainboard as Salamander 2).
I would advise u to buy the complete set. It shouldnt be a problem, or ask the seller. 99,99% are sold as complete set.


Come with main (big) and soundboard (small). Also a volume adjuster connected to the sound board should be provided. Not interchangable, as the main and soundboard each houses game-specific roms.
System features games from Mortal Kombat up to Strikeforce.

Battery is for highscores.

strikef-01.jpg (59170 Byte)

pcbehrgeiz_2.jpg (64925 Byte)









system11.jpg (31166 Byte)

Namco System 11 and 12:

Mainboard and Gameboard. Always sold together. Dont try to change the boards, as contacts are quite weak and its a lot of work with all the distance holders to remove and insert.

System 12 (upper left) is the newer version, featuring games like Ehrgeiz, Tekken 3, or Soulcaliber. 11 (lower left) features games like Souledge, Xevious 3D/G or Tekken 1 and 2.

On both boards feature a 24 pin connector beneath the jamma connector for 3rd and 4th button and additional sound options. U wont need the sound option as u can switch the board to mono sound, but u will eventually want to kick ur enemy from time to time so make sure the plug connector is delivered with the board. If not simply solder some wires from the 24 pin connector to the 3rd and 4th button pin on jamma connector. Manual provides all pinout settings.

Neo Geo MVS System (Old Version):

Slightly bigger than New Version (see below), but by featuring stereo sound, additional joyboard connectors and headphones volume setting this one wins my heart technically.
All country-versions are compatible. No special chip or reconstructions needed :)

If u start collecting the carts should come with flyers and manual as well as a original brown cartboard-box which houses the game cart in a plastic-sleeve.

pmvs.jpg (29698 Byte)








mvs4slot-01.jpg (27924 Byte)

pmvsold.jpg (29938 Byte) Neo Geo MVS System (New Version):

Smaller than Old Version and less features (which are not needed anyway). Rest is the same.

Neo Geo MVS systems come in single or multislot versions (housing 1-6 carts). Be sure u have a 300W power supply for multi slot systems (eg. 4-slot see above)

Saibu Kaihatsu SPI System:

Motherboard and Cartridge. Motherboard comes in Version 2.0 or 2.1 and in different country versions, which are not compatible. Versions of motherboards are. Battery is for highscores.

Known games are: BattleBalls/SenkYu, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, Raiden Fighters Jet, Viper Phase 1 (Old Version), Viper Phase 1 (New Version).

pspi.jpg (26866 Byte)

pcbmodel2.jpg (47388 Byte)







model2_1.jpg (66745 Byte)

Sega Model 2:

Model 2 features 5 different "parts" (printed in light blue)

Model 2 mainboard/housing comes in 3 different versions: A-CRX, B-CRX and...guess...C-CRX yes. B-CRX and C-CRX are basically the same, differing only in chips used. A-CRX not only features the oldest hardware of the threee but also has a slightly different pinout setting.

ITS NOT A JAMMA PINOUT SYSTEM, but if u know the pinout settings u easily can make urself an adapter (pinouts of Model 2 here).

Ontop of the CRX mainboard sits the actual gameboard with all the mask roms. Gameboards are always the same. In fact u would only need to buy the new mask roms and chip settings for a game if u have one gameboard at home. If thats the easiest way is questionable, but its a bit cheaper.

Some games (not all) like Zero Gunner or Last Bronx need a special "Security PCB", a small pcb sitting ontop of the mainboard. Sellers often forget this IMPORTANT little thing. Without it game wont show u more than the intro screen.

Main- and Gameboard  is surrounded by a heavy(!!!) gigantic aluminium housing containing a ventilation system and the actual pinouts. If u have one u can use it like MVS mainboard for all other CRX boards. Housings for B- and C-CRX mainboards are interchangeable.

Battery is for highscores.

Sega Model 3:

Like Model 2 Model 3 features many versions (Step 1, Step 1.5, Step 2 and Step 2.1). While all provide the same pinouts, hardware was always slightly changed.

Its also NOT A JAMMA SYSTEM. Making an adapter is even harder as Model 3 needs an additional 3,3V power supply. Also it features Medium Resolution - 24KHz 496(H)x384(V) - so its best to get an original cab. Cheapest will be Virtua Fighter 3.

System again features the components I mentioned in "Model 2" (see above), but without the "Security PCB".

U can convert Model 3 to Model 2 easily. It uses nearly(!!!) the same pinouts (how to do this here).

Battery is for highscores.

pcbmodel3.jpg (127942 Byte)










pcbmodel3_1.jpg (54455 Byte)

naomi_mini.gif (34576 Byte)







naomifull.jpg (6070 Byte)

Sega Naomi System:

Not much known here, except i ordered one. As soon as its here ill paste a review here. If u need detailed tech information goto

Just a few things:
1) Naomi features a base system and cartridge games (see pictures).
2) Countryversions exist. Japanes mainsystem doesnt play eg US carts.
U will need special ICīs to be able to play different countryversion-carts. Cost about 20-25US$.
3) Naomi needs a 31kHz monitor (highres).
4) Expandable with GD-Rom and Naomi 2 upgrade

Sega STV System:

Cartridge and Mainboard. Motherboard and Carts come in Japanese and/or USA versions. Not compatible. U can buy a special chip, which is inserted instead of another (the long one left of the yellow sticker, see pic) to make ur board accept both cart versions.

Battery is for highscores only.

Multicart versions exist. Be sure to have a 300W power supply for multicart systems.

pstv.jpg (33174 Byte)
pcbtechrom.jpg (51331 Byte) Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 Mainboards:

Not really sold seperatly Sony ZN boards feature mostly Taito and Capcom gameboards. Also Tecmo has developed some games for it. ZN-2 is the newer board running games like Tech Romancer or Street Fighter Ex 2 (Plus).
As far as I know from Strider 2, gameboards are not interchangeable.

Capcom games do not house a battery, so no danger of "suicide" wheeee, and still feature the well known connector for 4-6th button/3rd and 4th player. So be sure its delivered with the board.

Taito F3 System:

Systems is made of motherboard and cartridge. Motherboards and Carts come in Japanese and/or USA version. U cant play USA carts on Jap motherboards and vice versa, except u do some reconstructions.
Mainboard houses a small ventilation system...

DONT TURN the little switch on the motherboard which looks like a volume adjust! ITS NOT!

pf3.jpg (31814 Byte)

Thanx John McRae and SegaMuseum 4 some infos, pix and general help...

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